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As in the "N" word, the "W" word and the "C" word...all racial slurs. You've heard 'em. So there's no need for me to spell them out, is there?

Well, the guys at SPEAK Theater Arts happen not to agree with me. They are three young men who all met at community college and have gone on to form a theater piece organized around racial epithets and all that they invoke — slurs and stereotypes.

It's a subject we've covered a fair amount on this program. I know that some people think this stuff is trivial (I had an E-mail from a congressman to that effect not long ago. His point — and I don't take it lightly — is that people are dying in Iraq every day and that's a big deal...not some verbiage). But I also think culture is what defines us. It's one of our most significant exports; it tells us who we are.

The young men — Miles Gregley, Rafael Augustin and Allan Axibal — have their own interesting, amusing argument about why we need to hear...uh..those words.

You can listen for yourself, and tell us what you think.

Warning: they do spell it out. But you knew that...