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Voice is almost back ... at least I think so. Bear with me, just one more day. I think I'm almost there. A big thanks to the pharmaceutical industry.

So, Friday. Something a little different for our Friday lead story. We almost always lead with politics, but today we had the chance for a newsmaker interview — with the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE.

The agency used to be called the INS, but after the Homeland Security reorganization, which came after the September 11 attacks, of course, the functions of Immigration and Customs were folded together.

Listen and tell us what you think...

Julie Myers is the head of ICE. Her nomination was controversial back in 2005 because some U.S. Senators thought she was too young (she was 36 at the time) and not seasoned enough to run such a big agency. Whether she's proved her critics right or wrong is for others to judge, but there is no question that her agency is at the spear of one of this country's most pressing and emotional issues. We wanted to speak with her because we've been covering issues around immigration, both legal and illegal, for some time now.

Of course, illegal immigration gets the most attention. And Myers' agency is getting attention for raids it has been conducting in attempt to round up illegal immigrants facing criminal charges. Criticism is mounting on both sides ??? Some say the raids are abusive and inhumane; others assert that the agency has waited too long to get busy and has, as a result, let the problem get out of control.

What's it like to be between that rock and hard place?

We want to know, so we hope she???ll come back and tell us more.

Have a great weekend...



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Okay, it's Sunday night and I'm listening to the interview with the VP of the NAE. He's talking about not liking the way folks assume evangelical Christians are associated with GOP or are a monolith - oh for CRYIN OUT LOUD, they're the ones who did that TO THEMSELVES!!! Do they not remember 1994? Do they not REMEMBER the "Moral Majority" and its strong swing to the GOP's??? This man is at best disingenuous and at worst an outright fibber. Surely he can't expect us listening to discount the fact that the evangelicals bought the GOP all by themselves, and now it's their problem that they've been so strongly associated! Give credit to Jim Wallis for turning their eyes to some other topics - but they made their own dang bed, they get to lie in it. And, just for the record, I am a Christian, I love Jesus and accept him as my Lord and Savior - but an evangelical I am NOT.


Sent by Sarah | 9:04 PM | 10-7-2007

I listened to the segment with the head of ICE twice and I still had a sinking feeling that she wasn't telling the whole story. Late last week, I watched a CNN (with Rick Sanchez) feature about the raids been conducted in a town in Texas and I felt the treatment of the so-called immigrants was inhumane.

Some of these folks are now prisoners in their own homes where some of the ICE officials have barred their way in on some occasions. I noticed Julie Myers found a way to dance around that issue in the segment. Others can't even take their American-born children to daycare or schools.

As I watched the CNN feature on the raids, I couldn't help but wonder how such images are putting more spots on America's already tarnishing foreign policy image. I don't support illegal immigration in any way. But I believe there has to be an immigration reform where a legal path is provided for immigrants to become permanent residents or citizens. Also, it wouldn't hurt to do so with a semblance of decency towards the immigrants - actually it will help with cleaning up America's blemished image around the world .

Sent by Moji | 1:44 PM | 10-8-2007

I really enjoyed the Barber Shop (it's my favorite feature). Michel I appreciate how you stood up for Anita Hill.

Sent by Jim Trenton | 9:31 PM | 10-10-2007


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