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TMM's 'Ordinary Oprahs' Returns!

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James Johnson

Lee, here...

Earlier this year, Tell Me More, or the program formerly-known as Rough Cuts, brought you stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We called them Ordinary Oprahs, people who use what they have — little or much — to make a big difference in either their local community, or the world at-large.

We received an outpouring of listener feedback following our early conversations back in January. Here's a note we received from Jamie:

I really enjoyed this episode. I particularly liked hearing how ordinary people are making a difference. So much media attention is given to the big names who are doing good works - and certainly their work deserves attention - but it's equally important to hear what average Americans are doing because this is where the real inspiration lies.
I like the new show! I can't wait to hear more.

(Back when we were VERY new, of course)

And, a note from Lindsey, who wanted us to know she's doing her part:

My dear friend and coworker Rose, who works as a loan processor has funded, entirely on her salary and donations a preschool (Destiny Preschool) and scholarship program in her home country of Belize ... Each year I sponsor two of her graduating students through their kindergarten year for books and uniforms ... Anytime I feel limited in my own capacity to give I think of what Rose has achieved with seemingly very little resources.

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And now, again, we want to hear from you ... Do YOU know someone who's making a difference in an extraordinary way? And, yes, feel free to include yourself.

Tell us more about the Ordinary Oprahs in your world ...