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GOP Debate in Florida ... What to Expect?

Lee, here...

So tonight, Republican White House hopefuls will take center stage for another round of the CNN/YouTube presidential debates (the first round, in July, featured Democratic hopefuls). I've got to give it to CNN, I think the "for the people, by the people" concept of using Internet video content, presented by the public to the candidates, is a brilliant idea.

Here, we want to know what's on your mind for this evening's political showdown, a.k.a. "debate," (many expect a boxing match between Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney on any number of issues)?
What issues are you interested in hearing the candidates address?

If you happen to watch the debates tonight, meet us back here and share with us your personal highlights. Will there be a "winner"? ... A "loser"?
Award for "best overall stage drama"?

CNN superstar Anderson Cooper will stand between the cyber participants and the GOP candidates tonight. He told the Houston Chronicle that his troop may have already received more than the 3,000 or so questions submitted for the Democratic candidates earlier this year. We know all 3,000-plus questions won't make the final cut, so here are a few that stand out to some of us here ... We'll see if they make the cut:

On Darfur:

On immigration:

On rebuilding the Gulf Coast and education disparities:

And, if you won't be watching, for any reason other than a (real) scheduling-conflict, we're also curious to know more about your decision to abstain from all the hype tonight. What's your beef?