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Prepping for a FABULOUS TMM Holiday...

This has to be short. We are working on some FABULOUS programming for the Christmas and New Year's holidays — we know that many of you will be traveling, out of your normal routines so you may not catch us the first time around. Either way, we hope you'll either catch us on the air or download us later ... if you miss us the first time.

I can't tell you everything we have coming up ... that would be wrong. But, here's a little hint: DENZEL!!! DENZEL!!! DENZEL!!!

Oh, sorry, was I getting a little excited? Um, sorry. Excuse me. Michel, get it together.

OK, what was I saying? Christmas, right...

There's an important new movie coming out Christmas Day about an important historical figure — a towering figure who I say most of us have never heard of. But, that is going to change. Some star power, some history, we have it all.

Also, some really interesting stuff for Christmas Day and beyond: Who fascinated YOU this year? We'll tell you our picks and tell you more about them.

And as for today's show, we continued with our Thursday focus on international affairs. The U.N. Deputy Secretary-General, Asha Rose-Migiro was with us. She stopped through Washington last week. The U.N. is a big mystery to most of us. What exactly do those people do there? Migiro tried to peel back the layers a bit, and she told us some of her own fascinating story.

And speaking of fascinating, we spoke with William "Kip" Ward, probably one of the most powerful African-Americans you've never heard of. He is the only African-American four-star general currently in service, and he now heads the new Africa Command. We'll let him tell you what he's up to.

And for some light fare, chick-lit from India! Check it out ... ( if you don't know what that is, don't worry, we'll hook you up).

OK, gotta go. And have I mentioned that I still haven't finished my shopping?