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Closing in on the New Year. It was an eventful year for us — the launch of our program over the air, the birth of our first TMM baby (to Planning Editor Alicia Montgomery), and we have another baby on the way ... not me, though! And there are other milestones; too personal to share, but cherished nonetheless.

To commemorate the end of the year, we've been offering conversations about fascinating people of 2007 (to us). There was no contest. It is totally unscientific ... totally a matter of impressions and interests, and folks we wanted to talk to.

We'd like to know who would be on your list.

And, we are not just looking backwards at 2007. Throughout January, we will be time-traveling — looking back on important historical news that we think will captivate you, and looking ahead to what we anticipate will be some of the biggest stories.

Starting next week, new research about slavery in America. This will rock your world. It turns out there has been an explosion of research about the antebellum experience in America in recent years. We will acknowledge the end of the transatlantic slave trade next week, and in the weeks to come, by exploring what scholars are finding. The story did not begin, nor end, with Harriet Tubman.

Have a great weekend. Snag that last pedicure appointment before the holiday!



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Who's most fascinating to me for 2007? It was a toss up between Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey. I've spent time and resources observing both whether through books, magazines or the TV. But on careful examination, I've got to give it to Oprah.

She started 2007 with a bang with the opening of her girls school in South Africa. Though she came under scrutiny for the school's perceived strictness and later, the scandal of abuse, Oprah had a grace under fire. Now, I don't worship at the altar of the big "O" nor do I follow her book club selections. My books, just like my faith or politics, have more to do with my personal search for something more and less to do with others' point of views.

But I do admire her, I think both of her magazines are awesome. The last statement is coming from a converted cynic who thought for the first two years after the "O" Magazine publication was not geared towards my demographic. But most of all, what fascinates me most about Oprah is that she gives me a reason to dream of possibilities.

Sent by Moji | 5:39 PM | 12-28-2007

The Barbershop was on fire today !! I always enjoy the banter, but i felt today was RIGHT ON THE MONEY !

Sent by Robert H. | 8:45 PM | 12-28-2007

THE African American astronauts. THE
black men and women who are transporting very significant payload
to the SPACE STATION. THE most deepest use of space mathematical
informational data on all areas of
space science. THESE are not the media favorite issue, so I do not expect my picks to make NPR list.
But they rank 1# on my chart.

Sent by jerry a. Myers | 12:59 AM | 12-29-2007

Jerry -

Interesting pick. This is on our radar. Any names, in particular, that come to mind?


Sent by Lee Hill, TMM | 10:38 AM | 12-31-2007

THE most fascinating people of 2007
should be African american
astronauts Joan Higginbotham, Sunnita
Williams, Stephanie Wilson and Leland
Melvin. Astronaut Mr. Leland and
Miss Wilson should be at the top
of this list for their work link
to the SPACE STATION. THIS far deeper use of space science has
been under valued in media topics
in 2007. Extreme mathematical space
discoveries with African Americans
involved is fascinating topic no. 1# in 2007.

Sent by jerry a. Myers | 12:09 AM | 1-1-2008