Who's Fascinating to You? : Tell Me More We've been offering conversations about the most fascinating people of 2007 ... We'd like to know who would be on your list...
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Who's Fascinating to You?

Closing in on the New Year. It was an eventful year for us — the launch of our program over the air, the birth of our first TMM baby (to Planning Editor Alicia Montgomery), and we have another baby on the way ... not me, though! And there are other milestones; too personal to share, but cherished nonetheless.

To commemorate the end of the year, we've been offering conversations about fascinating people of 2007 (to us). There was no contest. It is totally unscientific ... totally a matter of impressions and interests, and folks we wanted to talk to.

We'd like to know who would be on your list.

And, we are not just looking backwards at 2007. Throughout January, we will be time-traveling — looking back on important historical news that we think will captivate you, and looking ahead to what we anticipate will be some of the biggest stories.

Starting next week, new research about slavery in America. This will rock your world. It turns out there has been an explosion of research about the antebellum experience in America in recent years. We will acknowledge the end of the transatlantic slave trade next week, and in the weeks to come, by exploring what scholars are finding. The story did not begin, nor end, with Harriet Tubman.

Have a great weekend. Snag that last pedicure appointment before the holiday!