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Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama Visit TMM

What a way to end the week! We visited with Sen. Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama.

If I told you how and when those interviews came together, you would laugh so hard. Suffice it to say, there's a reason your humble host stays up LATE to read the papers, websites and RSS feeds, NO MATTER WHAT. It's because you do not know — between the time you go to bed and the time you wake up — what might be happening. Ya know what I'm saying?

So, like that.

It is obvious to me that South Carolina is still in play. An Ebony/JET magazine poll, done by one of our frequent TMM guests, veteran pollster Ron Lester, shows Obama with a 10-point lead. But the media push by both campaigns suggests to me that neither is taking anything for granted.

And, the other question is: does native son John Edwards still have a chance to break through? We heard so many supportive remarks about him when we were in South Carolina earlier this week, but does that translate into votes. And, does the increasingly bitter tone between Obama and Clinton chance the dynamic?

We'll know on Monday. Until then, have a great weekend.

Let us know where you think this conversation should go from here. I have some ideas, but I want to hear yours.



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You all thought "whisper-politics" was gone. Right under your noses it is as you breathe,succeeding at tearing apart Democrats. Rove wants Barack and McCain-Romney. If y'all don't wise up he'll win again.

Sent by Frank Mattison | 1:01 AM | 1-26-2008

It's interesting to note half the voters turning out for the SC primary were black and the selected candidate is half-black too.

The pundits and journalists will report that race played a prominent role in the races in the race. I'm sure half of them will report that it was race that won and the other half will report it was race that won. I know it wasn't race that won for Obama because one -- his mamma aint black and two -- he aint got good hair. (Adam Clayton Powell had good hair. Al Sharpton wishes he had good hair.) A big-eared high-yalla boy hailing from Indonesia aint who voters was lookin' at when they voted for Obama. They was lookin' at a man who is declaring he's for change and he aint talkin' 'bout small change, pocket change. He's talkin' "bout foldin" money change, serious benjamins change and we all know that change from the Bush status quo is gotta be better than what we got now -- chump change!

George Edward Buggs

Sent by George Edward Buggs | 7:55 PM | 1-26-2008

You have a magical touch Michel... I don't know how you do it.

Sent by James Cressey | 8:10 PM | 1-27-2008

James -

That is so nice of you to say...

Sent by Michel Martin, host | 11:46 AM | 1-28-2008

I love this show I look forward to it every week-day. The only suggestion I have it to put the barber shop on twice a week. Michel I have followed you since your days at ABC. I am so proud of you and your interviews. Keep up the great work.

Sent by Kimberly Coleman | 1:14 PM | 1-28-2008

I personally think Edwards can call it a night (or a day, depending on how you choose to view the day).

At the end of the day here are my thoughts. If I were looking for someone to enter office, play by the current rules and win, then Mrs. Clinton would be the man (oops, woman). But, for me, I need someone who is going to go in hand out a new deck of cards and a new set of rules. And, it is for that reason that I stand with Caroline Kennedy..."I want a president who understands that his responsibility is to articulate a vision and encourage others to achieve it; who holds himself, and those around him, to the highest ethical standards; who appeals to the hopes of those who still believe in the American Dream, and those around the world who still believe in the American ideal; and who can lift our spirits, and make us believe again that our country needs every one of us to get involved. ("... Senator Obama is this man.

Sent by P. Umunna | 4:44 PM | 1-28-2008