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Obama-Clinton Fight: Who Could've Predicted?

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) and Sen. HIllary Clinton (D-NY)


I am sure somebody, somewhere, may have predicted that the Obama-Clinton fight would get interesting...

But, could anybody have predicted that BET founder Bob Johnson would call Sen. Barack Obama a "Sidney Poitier" type?

(I wonder what Sydney Poitier thinks about that.)

Could anybody have predicted that a race, in which Sen. Hillary Clinton was the dominant frontrunner only a month ago, would be essentially neck-and-neck now?

And, could anybody have predicted that Gloria Steinem — whose life's work has been about connecting the dots on race, class, gender and power — would find herself fending off complaints, mainly from black women, that her take on the Obama-Clinton clash is reminiscent of "The Man"?

(Pamela Merritt, a blogger and TMM contributor, offered this commentary in response to Steinem, who was on the program last week.)

Or, could it have been predicted that President Bill Clinton would say, on Tom Joyner's syndicated radio program this morning, that "the only racist comment made in this campaign is when the Obama campaign called Hillary the 'senator from Punjab"?

HEL-LO! As Nelly would say, "It's getting hot in here ..."

We were so glad to hear from Ron Lester, a prominent Democratic pollster (and I have to say, probably one of the most prominent African American pollsters in the country).

Clearly, we'd like to hear from Bob Johnson. He was last on the program in May to talk about his work for Liberia. But this is a different subject.

Who else shall we pursue?

Addendum: I want to apologize to all those who were looking forward to the conversation about David Grubin's The Jewish Americans, a documentary airing on PBS stations over the next two weeks (it began last week, January 9, but we weren't able to catch up with the producer until that day). We had to postpone our conversation about the film to make room for breaking news — about whether racial tension was surfacing in the Obama-Clinton contest. We hope to bring you the conversation about The Jewish Americans on WEDNESDAY.