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Wins in Hawaii and Wisconsin strengthened Sen. Barack Obama's winning streak since Super Tuesday, while Sen. John McCain trailblazes ahead in lead position to win the GOP nomination for president. Sen. Hillary Clinton, with 10 straight defeats, isn't holding back any punches at Obama, brewing recent allegations of plagiarism — a missive aimed directly at Obama's noted oratory.

And now, there's this rumbling bewteen the spouses. Here's a recent comment by Michelle Obama about being proud to be an American:

... Which appeared to trigger this response by Cindy McCain:

Michelle Obama has since attempted to clarify her comments, and there was clearly some immediate damage control by McCain's troop in the video above.

But it looks like John McCain and Barack Obama are now exchanging direct jabs. Does this at all reflect a presumption that Obama will become the Democratic nominee? ... Is this safe to presume?

Clearly, there are two significant primaries just ahead in Ohio and Texas, although a recent Texas poll shows Clinton ahead of Obama by just two points there, a statistical tie. A recent Ohio poll shows Clinton with a nine point lead in the state.

Bill Clinton is saying that a loss in Texas could mean the end for his wife.

There are a few events and developments, however, that could change (or strengthen) some things for the Democratic candidates. Performance in an upcoming CNN debate (pundits say Clinton typically outperforms Obama in debate formats) could influence undecided voters, as well as new endorsements (Obama just received support from the Teamsters union; Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson is expected to endorse Obama soon).

If you're in Texas or Ohio, and are an undecided voter, what does all of this mean to you? And, if you're in another state that has yet to participate in the primary elections process (PA, NC, MS, KY, etc.), we're wondering how your support is being influenced, if at all...

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". . . Does this all reflect a presumption that Obama will become the Democratic nominee? . . . is it safe to presume?"

It is safe to presume Obama will become the Democratic nominee. I'm not sure if a candidate who's lost ten straight states have won the nomination. In fact, I don't think it's ever happened.

However, I also think it's dangerous to presume. This election season has defied all sorts of logic. Some polls have not been accurate and all the pundits never predicted this kind of momentum Obama is having. History has proven great upsets; remember Howard Dean before the scream - some pundits thought he was going to be the Democratic Nominee. So I'm of the Lenny Kravitz' song notion: "it ain't over till it's over."

Sent by Moji | 10:56 AM | 2-21-2008

This speaks to exactly what Michelle Obama was talking about. She hates politics. Not the governing of our nation, not our nation at all really, but rather the partisan, unnecessary pot shots. The need by some to over analyze and misconstrue another's words for their own political benefit. Politics in this country have gone from bad to worse to absolutely reprehensible.

Sent by Tameika | 1:44 PM | 2-21-2008


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