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Romney Steps Aside

Lee, here...

As you might know by now, there are new developments in the race for '08. Mitt Romney has announced that he is bowing out, or "suspending" his GOP presidential campaign. In pretty strong words (and maybe the most energetic that we've heard from him, until now), says that remaining in the race would hinder the Republican party's bid for the White House and, in turn, increase the chances of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama winning the presidency ... which would translate into "aiding a surrender to terror."

Talk about famous last words.

And, check in with us as we wrap up the week in our Political Chat, we'll talk about the Latino vote. According to CNN exit polls on Super Tuesday, Clinton overwhelmingly won the Hispanic vote in California (69 percent, compared to Obama's 29 percent) and New York (73 percent, compared to Obama's 26 percent). But some dispute any assumptions that Latinos feel closer to Clinton as a candidate. We plan to bring you two Latino voices who'll offer a unique perspective on this...