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Watching Clinton ... and Favre

Lee, here ...

Wrapping it up here. By all accounts, this has been a long week.

As discussed in today's Barbershop, it was a solid week for Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton. Faced with dire alternatives if things had gone the other way, she was able to stop Sen. Barack Obama's winning streak. He hadn't lost a race since Super Tuesday. (As of yesterday, however, Obama was a frontrunner in the Texas caucuses, part of the state's special Democratic "two-step" process.)

We thought you might enjoy a visual (if you haven't seen it already) of the popular Clinton ad that was also talked about in the shop. Some say it should be partially credited with her success this week. Others think the intimidating voice of the narrarator, and the "big" music, say far more than what's required in a campaign message. You decide ...

Finally, we also discussed the retirement of NFL star quarterback Brett Favre from the Green Bay Packers. In addition to his distinguish skill on the field, many might recall Favre's hands-on approach in matters outside of the game, including his charity work. The Gulfport, Miss., native became familiar to non-sports fans following Hurricane Katrina. Favre's foundation helped offer relief to those affected by the storm, which included his own family.

As another Friday blog visual aid, here's an emotional Favre announcing his NFL retirement, as covered by Adam Johnson of the Wall Street Journal:

And, this is Lee signing off for the weekend.

We hope to meet you back here on Monday ...