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Weighing in on the Obama-Wright Furor

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Lee, here ...

First, if you haven't already, have a listen to Michel Martin's commentary today. She weighs in on the furor surrounding Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama's relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his former pastor in Chicago. Many say they would've "walked out" on the pastor and his more confrontational sermons (Sen. Hillary Clinton, Obama's rival, added to the tensions yesterday).

Whether you agree or disagree, we'd like to know your thoughts.

And speaking of the race for the White House, some are disputing the role of race (regarding ethnicity, that is) in this election. We talked about this today.

Now, we put the question to you: has the focus on race (and gender) in this election overstayed its welcome?

In the absence of historic times (when both a woman and a black man have an actual shot at the presidency, for example), when are these matters looked at and studied so closely? ... When else would they have such room to breath?

But, again, I ask ... do you feel smothered by these talks, or freed by them?

Let us know.

Finally, switching gears completely to offer you news you can use (which agitated me), it looks like a growing number of commercial airlines will now charge customers for checking more than one bag. A steady increase in fuel prices is being blamed for the new fees.

I must tell you, I defy the (unfair) stereotypes of most men in that I am not known to pack lightly, so I'm less than thrilled at this decision.

Guess I'll have to change my ways.