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Mo Ibrahim ... and Memories of a Fallen King

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Lee, here ...

Michel Martin's out in Baltimore on a remote for Monday's show.

In case you didn't hear the interview that aired today with the African-born billionaire Mo Ibrahim, you can still have a listen.

I must say that Ibrahim's likeness, including such a strongly voiced affinity for uncompromised leadership, is not one we come across too often in this business. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves reporting on those whose lives reflect quite the contrary of what Ibrahim is devoted to honoring.

Tomorrow, we'll air the second part of our conversation with the philanthropist. We'll talk more about his foundation, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

Finally, as you know, Friday, April 4th, marks 40 years since the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Today, if you listened to our radio broadcast, you heard the sounds of a young Dan Rather reading a news bulletin for CBS News announcing King's death. You might have also heard the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy making the announcement to a shocked crowd in Indianapolis, and legendary CNN journalist Bernard Shaw recalling his emotional reaction to the news.

Now, we're asking you to tell us ... where were you when you first learned of the King assassination? Or, how do you remember first being taught (if you weren't alive in 1968 ... like me) about Dr. King and his legacy?

Here's a note we already received from one listener, Janie, recalling how she learned of the assassination in 1968 at the age of 7:

... After I got home from school, I walked by the television and saw the ticker tape moving across the screen. I stopped, so excited because I realized that I had learned enough in school to read it. I sounded out each word and then put it all together. Like frigid water in the face, the collective words took my breath away — I didn't feel that kind of shock again until the year 2001. ...

So tell us your story. We've already heard from folks who were overseas ... in Iran, and Jerusalem even.