Talk About Drama : Tell Me More A guest did not show up. We had no idea where he was, or what happened.
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Talk About Drama

A morning from hell.

A guest did not show up. We had no idea where he was, or what happened. We talked to him last night.

(Do men think like this? As a female, your first thought is, like, does he hate me? Why is he doing this to me? ... And then you get a grip.)

Our second guest had to carry the conversation for many minutes. Although she was not expecting to, she was a trooper. We redid the conversation for the second feed (for our afternoon stations), only to be beset by technical problems the entire way through. Again, the guests were total troopers.

Also, a film I have been trying to watch for days, in preparation for an interview, was so corrupted I could not see any of it (and, no, I did not buy it from a guy selling incense at the Metro station ... the nerve).

And,, our Web site, crashed earlier.

The good news: the coffee was good this morning.


We decided we will, barring breaking news, do a conversation about the controversial short film from Denmark that some consider a deliberate provocation. We decided it's a media conversation. In other words, what's our job in this?

Also, we're still following events in Zimbabwe. ... And, might it not be time to check in on Kenya after all the post election drama there?

And Chad, which put down a coup attempt earlier this year?

There's some extra support from our Money Coach Alvin Hall today; he's got a special Q and A to try to answer your questions about the credit crisis. If you have any questions for him ... for the Mocha Moms, or questions for any of us, for that matter, send them our way. We might not get to them right away, but we will read them.

I'm dashing off to try to finish two books in preparation for conversations this afternoon.

... And, see if I can get some more of that coffee.