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Wisdom from Dr. Carson

Dr. Benjamin Carson receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom from George W. Bush on June 19, 2008. Getty Images hide caption

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If you always learn, then you're always making progress.

Lee, here.

Above is a quote from renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson. He was on today's program to talk about many things — his modest upbringing, his faith and the risks of medicine. But, notably, we wanted to talk to the author about his recent honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Also, the debate over Michelle Obama. Is she being covered fairly by the press? She's been called "unpatriotic" and "angry" by some, but to an entirely different group she's "classy", "supportive" and just ... "strong."

We're also interested in knowing how your perceptions of Mrs. Obama differ from that of, say, Cindy McCain.

Or, will the personality of candidate's spouse be of any significance to you at all when choosing a president in November?