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From NYC: A Morning with 'The Elders'

Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland and member of The Elders, waits to be interviewed this morning on TMM at NPR New York. Monika Evstatieva, NPR hide caption

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Monika Evstatieva, NPR

Michel, here.

Thanks to Marie for writing the blog yesterday.

(HA! Actually, I am not that grateful because, to be honest with you, she owes me since she tried to kill me yesterday. I don't want to, you know, tell all, but I had SIX interviews yesterday. I thought my head might explode off my neck. And, of course, she tells me it's for my own good. Meh!)

I'm going to have to hand off again after a remarkable morning, in which I spoke with both Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the former president of Ireland Mary Robinson, about their work as part of The Elders to call attention to the situation in Zimbabwe. I am off to meet Judith Jamison of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater for an interview for tomorrow's program. And then it's off to Yankee Stadium, which is about to be torn down.

What an amazing day.