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Barack Obama Clinches Nomination ... What If?

Hi, Everyone. It's Cheryl Corley, here in Washington, D.C. Tell Me More's host Michel Martin and producer Teshima Walker are on the ground in Denver covering the Democratic National Convention (DNC). They're blogging each day giving you a backstage pass to what's happening at the DNC.

Today is the historic day when Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination for president, becoming the first African American to do so. We talked to two journalists — one from Mexico and another from Kenya — about their take on the convention and Obama's bid for the presidency.

Of course, the nomination comes on the anniversary of what civil rights advocate Marian Wright Edelman says was an exhilarating day. It was 45 years ago that Edelman and thousands of others took part in the 1963 March on Washington and heard Martin Luther King, Jr., talk about his dreams for this country. Edelman says this year's campaign has been a giant step forward in terms of how the country handles both race and gender.

Whether Barack Obama is elected the country's first black president has been the subject of our What If? series. Michel Martin spoke today with poet and author Maya Angelou, who said she never thought she'd be alive to see the possibility of an African-American winning the presidency. Angelou says Obama's broad support means people are leaving behind the ignorance of racism.

More on Obama's speech later from Michel. I'll talk to you more tomorrow.



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I am a life long Democrat but I am disgusted by all the comparison of Barak Obama to John F. Kennedy! I am sick of hearing Michele Obama to Jackie O.
The Obama's are in no way The Kennedys.
I will not vote for Obama because I think that he is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Thanks

Sent by D.A. NOOR, San Francisco | 11:55 PM | 8-28-2008

The 'WHAT IF' theme was very broadened with posible presidency in the hands of an African American.This series should
be followed up with 'HOW CAN' with very
influential people giving remedies on how this history moment can help kill black stereotypes.ON the birth of the very possibility of an black super power
president the baby steps toward how can
each of us reach our fullest potential,
should be used as a beacon.

Sent by jerry a. Myers | 3:44 AM | 8-29-2008

obama isnt wont be the first black president. There have been at least five multiracial presidents in America's history. Do your research. That includes George Washington

Sent by Andre | 11:47 AM | 8-29-2008