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After Obama Speech, GOP Wastes Little Time

Hi, Everyone. It's Cheryl Corley, here in Washington, D.C. Tell Me More's host Michel Martin and producer Teshima Walker are on the ground in Denver covering the Democratic National Convention (DNC). They're blogging each day giving you a backstage pass to what's happening at the DNC.

Hi Folks,

The Republicans wasted no time stepping into the limelight a day after the Democrats wrapped up their convention. Republican John McCain selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice presidential pick.

The focus of much of our show today, however, was on the Democrat's history-making night last night — when Barack Obama accepted the nomination and became the first black presidential nominee of a major party. House Majority Whip James Clyburn says it was a very emotional time for him. The South Carolina Congressman was a leader in the battle for African-Americans to have the right to vote.

So now both parties begin to vie for the support of voters who haven't decided who they'll back. We found out the concerns of three such voters today on the show. Plus, a very animated conversation from the Barbershop guys about the Democratic convention.

Meantime, the Republican Convention gets underway next week. Michel Martin and Tell Me More be there. Be sure to check us out — on the radio and here on the blog.

I'm heading back to Chicago, so long until the next time.