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Acknowledging the Storm

We've been looking forward to bringing you the conversations about the devastation in Haiti, underscored by recent Hurricanes. Residents of the region suffered through not one, but THREE hurricanes in a month's span.

Today, music icon and humanitarian Wyclef Jean — a native Haitian — tried to help us fully grasp (impossible) just how bad the situation is there. He said it's like taking the 2005 impact of Hurricane Katrina and multiplying it by one million.

Can you imagine? I can't.

And to add to the distress caused by the storm, there's long been a sentiment that so much of Haiti's plight — including ongoing issues of poverty and alarming humanitarian grievances — has been largely underreported by the press.

It's one thing to find yourself in dire straits, but I imagine that it can be profoundly disparaging to realize that no one knows or acknowledges the depth of your suffering, regardless of the nature of the storm.

... It's one reason we try and get it right.

Tomorrow: Fact-checking politics (in light of some who question the latest presidential campaign ads along with GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin's relationship with the truth), the sensitivity of giving to Muslim charities, the Barbershop and ... BackTalk.



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Hey Michel, I listened to this interview and was shocked (but not unaware) about the conditions there. We just went through our own storm (Ike) and are still without power here in Houston.

All of this really makes me wonder what is really going on.

Thanks for your great show. I keep you up to date on my iPod and it's the one bright spot I have right now, knowing I can listen even without a computer.

Sent by Houstonmacbro | 8:49 PM | 9-19-2008

The recent problems in Haiti from the constant impact of hurricanes has taken a great toll on the people and children of the country. Over 200,000 people have lost homes and need immediate attention that they just are not getting. Is it because they are an independent black republic? It seems as though once any form of the black race gets something positive going, it can't be kept. New Orleans is a perfect example; they were a state in the U.S and still did not receive the help that they needed and are still suffering from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Advocates such as Pastor Jean Desire have been going back and forth between Haiti and America to try to bring awareness to the problems that the families are facing. Ultimately it will be up to Black America to help our people, no matter where they are, out.

Sent by Tiffany | 10:24 PM | 9-21-2008


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