Back In 4B, Now Time To Rant : Tell Me More We're going to do our best for tomorrow, as well as try to shed some light on this financial mess that's taken over Wall Street.
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Back In 4B, Now Time To Rant

We made it! Finally, at 2:30, we were back in our studio, 4B, for the last interview of the day! At last, at last!

Does this rank up there with achieving world peace and an end to global warming? Uh, no.

But we were sad. We've been nomads all week, just in time for me to get back from the conventions and to welcome a new engineer (Hi, Kimberly, say hello to the people!), wandering from studio to studio, looking for a home. Stop the Madness!
But, finally, the studio's missing parts arrived from ... Australia? New Zealand? What did they say?

Anyway, we're back in cozy 4B. Hooray!

And, just in time to find out about the power sharing agreement in Zimbabwe and faith travel to Turkey.

Have we forgotten the poor inundated people in Texas? Certainly, not. But the communications links are so poor, so intermittent, and the reporters down there so thinly-stretched we decided to wait a day to see if we could find some distinct angles to the story that you were not getting on the rest of the network.

We're going to do our best for tomorrow, as well as try to shed some light on this financial mess that's taken over Wall Street. At the very least, we have our money coach Alvin Hall. He can make the most complicated story simple, but we'll see who and what else we can add to round out the story.

And, send us your questions. We're looking for blogger/listener input to add to tomorrow's discussions.

Finally, excuse me while I rant.

I don't know about you, but I have been seething since last week about a couple of the speeches I heard at the GOP convention ... but I couldn't quite put my finger on why. Yes, some of the speeches were sarcastic and kind of nasty but it's not as though they talked about anybody's momma. I think they stayed within the boundaries of acceptable public discourse.

I'm a big girl, I've heard it before. So what was it exactly that was getting under my skin? Couldn't put my finger on it. And then I got back here to D.C. and talked to D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee about the kids she's trying to teach, who are two and three grade levels BEHIND where they are supposed to be; kids who are so turned off to school the city is considering paying them to get them turned back on. And it occurred to me that what infuriates me are not these messages aimed at Obama's politics — that's fair game, it's entirely legitimate to question whether somebody's economic plans or national security framework is legitimate and rational and able to work.

No, what's bugging me is this effort to portray Obama as an "elitist."

Huh? A kid born to a teenaged single mother who put himself through school on scholarship and then took a low-paying job instead of going to a white-shoe law firm is now an "elitist"?

And then I thought of all these kids in all these classrooms for whom he might be the ONE reason they decide to open a book, and then I realized that's what I was annoyed about. It is what I wrote my commentary about today. take a listen, and tell me what you think.

Next week, I'll tell you about how the Democrats are annoying me ...