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Reports: Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick Expected to Resign

Tyrone Martin

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick appears in Wayne County Circuit Court for a bond hearing on unrelated assault charges September 2, 2008. Getty Images hide caption

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UPDATE: Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has accepted a plea deal requiring him to resign from office immediately, pay $1 million in restitution, surrender his law license and serve four months in jail.

News reports coming out of Detroit indicate that embattled Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is expected to accept a plea deal this morning requiring the mayor to resign from office immediately and serve jail time.

Tell Me More has been following the situation in Detroit since earlier this year when Kilpatrick and his chief of staff, Christine Beatty, were charged with perjury, conspiracy to obstruct justice, obstruction of justice and misconduct related to a police whistleblower case that cost the city $8.4 million. Perjury charges stem from testimonies by Kilpatrick and Beatty during court proceedings in the whistleblower case in response to allegations that the two had had an extramarital affair. (Details of the alleged affair were later uncovered through text message records obtained and published by the Detroit Free Press.)

More to come as we know it ...



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American Gangster

Sent by Bob | 11:08 AM | 9-4-2008

I know one Judge in the matter said "If it were Joe Sixpack sitting there, I know the way I would rule." If it were "Joe Sixpack", would he be offered a deal like this? No.

Sent by JD Hamilton | 4:56 PM | 9-4-2008

Finally! The residents of Detroit deserve representation that isn't a national humiliation. I knew Fitzpatric was staying in office until they had to give him a sweetheart deal to chuck him out. Exploiting Detroit to the last second. Hopefully they will get back one eighth of the money this idiot has cost them, though it wouldn't surprise me to see him file for bankruptcy. I thought Al Wynn was the least classy politician in America- but sticking your district with a 1 million dollar special election because of sour grapes seems like petty stuff compared to Kwame.

Sent by Colleen Mahaney | 6:53 PM | 9-4-2008

The rest of the story will continue when Christine Beatty has to account for her role, after hitching her wagon to the wrong star. Someone who was overwhelming perceived as "fierce, smart, savvy" didn't take a deal before Kwame...and will likely pay a stiffer penalty for her poor decisions. The ones that lose the most - Detroiters and the many children who are impacted by these choices.

Sent by Aimee A Laramore | 7:46 PM | 9-4-2008

Thank God

Sent by Hudson PItts | 7:48 PM | 9-4-2008

Living just outside of Detroit for my whole life up until a month ago, I can say that I have waited for this day. Although I'm ecstatic and pleased with the conditions of the plea bargain (specifically jail time, restitution, and loss of his law license), I can say that this is not enough. The issue of Kwame Kilpatrick goes much deeper.

Kwame Kilpatrick is a man who cannot get enough punishment. Without being in Detroit or in the surrounding communities, one cannot understand and fully comprehend the damage that he has done to this city. The embarassment, the harassment, and the blatant abuse of the city down on it's knees since 1967 is appalling. He does NOT care about the city and he does NOT care about the people. He lies to the court, he lies to the media, he lies to his family. He steals money from the citizens who can't afford to move away from drugs and guns, he disregards the requests of the court system of which he is a part. Detroit is in the worst shape it has ever been, and that cannot be conveyed outside of it's boundaries. If Kwame spoke true words, he would not be in this situation, the people of the city would perhaps be on their way to a just life, and the area that I want so badly to thrive would not be the focus of national disgrace.

His punishment will do fine; however I along with many other people, would have liked to see all 9 felony accounts tried, and then listened to the mayor's speech.

Sent by Shannon | 8:06 PM | 9-4-2008

I am happy to see this sordid affair come close to a final resolution by Kilpatrick's plea. Christine Beatty should make her own deal and soon. She looked suicidal in court this morning. I think she's a sorry excuse of a woman, and now she's bringing one of those hustler ministers to court each time she makes an appearance. Maybe had she been so religious previously, she wouldn't have been in this situation at all. Amazing how people find religion after they get caught up.

Sent by Yvette | 8:34 PM | 9-4-2008

Yes...It's good when someone in a postion of "trust" violateds that "trust" and is punished for it. I'm sure it's a cultural thing, but I still have difficulty understanding how any one can defend someone who should be leading us, and is leading us in ways that break the law, our trust, and take advantage of a position that we the people have placed them, and they let us down, and set examples for the rest of society on how to behave. I want to trust our leaders, but who can we trust?

Sent by Al | 8:44 PM | 9-4-2008

He should pay back every dime he cost the city including paying for his defense!!!

Sent by M. S. | 9:46 PM | 9-4-2008

Detroit elected this person, and they got what they elected. Kilpatrick got a better deal than any ordinary citizen would have received (as usual, money buys better legal reps and deals in America); he used bribery to keep deals quiet; he used taxpayer money to support his lavish lifestyle; his behavior is bullyish and he ought to be an embarrassment to his mother in congress. But, who cares about his affairs, and who cares if he tried to keep them quiet; apparently his wife does not, so why would we?
Kilpatrick did not serve Detroit; he served himself and he got carried away. Another reminder of the corrupting influence of a little power!

Sent by L. Jan | 8:29 AM | 9-5-2008

Judging by his utter lack of contrition at his speech given following the decision, no, the punishment was not enough. He is still a self-absorbed fool, and I say, his supporters are fools as well. The sooner this type of behavior is taken out of Detroit politics, and the sooner people of Detroit stop idolizing these kinds of people, the sooner Detroit can start considering a comeback. Not until then.

Sent by Bill | 10:02 AM | 9-5-2008

The media coverage here in Detroit was over the top and truly a tabloid driven frenzy. None of the media coverage including the local NPR radio coverage was objective and balance.

This entire saga was a Blackeye on so many fronts. I am ashamed of the Black journalists and the local WDET coverage of this saga. At the end of the day it was the usual Detroit Bshing and Black Mayor as the Boggieman game..

Sent by Thrasher | 1:23 PM | 9-5-2008

There was nothing noteworthy about this event it was the usual saga of the local white media demonizing and inflating a basic white collar crime into the crime of century here in Detroit.

The media's anti-detroit bashing and invoking the usual race card was predictble.

The only good result of this saga is now the media here will be forced to cover some real economic news and go after our governor and the CEO's of the auto giants here both forces which have made Michigan a 3rd world venue..

Sent by thrasher | 1:28 PM | 9-5-2008

No one is a winner with this deal. Not Kilpatrick. Not Detroit. Now we pick up the pieces of what is left of our city and start to build our schools,our tourism and employment opportunities.

Sent by Terry-Detroit,MI | 6:57 PM | 9-5-2008

This guy thinks he's in a movie. His comments about "I wish I could go back and tell that young man....." Those comments sound a lot to me like the words from "Red" in The Shawshank Redemption when "Red" goes in to face the parole board and the parole guy asks him "the question" -- "do you think you've been rehabilitated?" Red says, I wish I could go back and talk to that young man..."

Sent by J Sifuentes | 4:11 PM | 9-6-2008

You have to be kidding! 120 days in Jail is a JOKE. He should have gotten at least 10 years after facing 10 felonies. Had it been me...thats exactly what would have happened. But this is politics.

Sent by BP | 10:15 PM | 9-21-2008