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What's 'Our Way In' to the Financial Crisis?

I am running to the airport. I am visiting Smith College later this afternoon, and now I am wondering why I didn't remember to wear socks and why I am wearing this stupid jacket. And just how cold is it going to be, anyway?

Sigh, this is what happens when you become a mother. Now, you can believe my KIDS have on socks and a jacket, and their lunch.

... And I have on backless mules to go to New England ... in September.


We're trying to figure out what direction to go in for Monday. I don't think there's any question that the WORLDWIDE economic turmoil is the story. But what's our piece of it?

If the Fed chairman called, we would talk to him, trust me. But we think the most important job on this show is talk to the people who aren't grabbing the headlines.

So who are you and what's your phone number (call our listener comment line — 202.842.3522 — to leave an actual phone number, PLEASE don't leave it for the world to see on our blog!), and what effect is the turmoil having on YOU?

Are you, say, a first year MBA student wondering what the heck you just got yourself into?

Do you own a small business? Are your customers drying up?

Are you a manufacturer? Are you feeling:

a) vindicated, thinking that these people who make money-pushing transactions around on paper are finally getting their just desserts — it's back to value, dammit! Or,

b) scared to death because those people are your customers, and if they're broke so are you?

Are you at the helm of a non-profit organization (like NPR), and are your donations in the dumps?

Are you in real estate? ... Construction? Is there any work?

Or, how about this, is your business going GANGBUSTERS? And are you hiring?

Let us know. Have a good weekend.