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Election Cycle Almost Over: Not Soon Enough?

Popular hip-hop artist Q-Tip sits for a recent TMM interview at NPR New York. The rapper's new album The Renaissance includes doses of political commentary, fitting for its Election Day release on Nov. 4. Lee Hill, NPR hide caption

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Lee Hill, NPR

Coming down the home stretch!

Are you over it? ... So over it? Or, are you sorry for it all to end?

Or, (and you can tell us) are you not exactly sure how to feel?

We feel you.

We gave you just a little taste of politics today — your fix — with Perry Bacon of the Washington Post and our man Ken Rudin, NPR's political editor.

And, Q-Tip! Hey man, where ya been?

The hip-hop icon, one of the former leaders of A Tribe Called Quest, is back with a new CD. It's named, appropriately enough, The Renaissance. If you love hip hop and if you loved "Tribe," or if you're just interested in what one of the most respected figures in the genre has on his mind, you'll want to check it out.

Remember how they used to call hip hop (or rap) the CNN of the streets?

And check this out:

We'll be telling you more on Election Night, Tuesday, November 4th. Tell Me More's team of producers will blog ACTIVELY throughout tomorrow evening, on the ground at social hot spots throughout the Washington region. We'll have virtual updates on the latest returns as they come in, and a glimpse into some of the election night excitement as voters make their final show of support for their candidate of choice.

So, join us on election night. You'll find us here, at the blog ...

And, because we can't get this out of our minds, we wanted to talk about the terrible situation involving the murders of Jennifer Hudson's relatives. A private memorial service was held today in Chicago. We could not help but clue in on the piece Mary Mitchell wrote last week in the Chicago Sun-Times.

But Mary pointed out that one of the through lines along with all the grief about this were actually questions about why the actress' family still lived in the family home? And, yes, it's important to say that no one has been charged in this case, let alone convicted. But there are those who ask, did someone bring evil into the home — from within?

So we wanted to talk about this with folk who know what they're talking about: Iyanla Vanzant, Dr. Bertice Berry and Mary Mitchell, all of whom have done the hard thing of giving family members a hand when they needed one.

Listen to what they have to say; see where you are in that conversation.