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Adventures In Broadcasting

Is this one of these days where you want to hear about how the sausage is made? Or not made?

Well how about we summarize it this way. Here's how today's adventure in broadcasting involved:

Icy roads in two cities and a tractor-trailer accident lead to rescheduling one of our guest and sending another back home to a phone line, getting another out of the shower (um, sorry!) and having to pull out an interview originally scheduled for next week.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

This is why nobody around here needs Red Bull.

Moving on ...

Let me tell you what we are thinking about for the next couple of weeks. We're trying to balance a couple of things here ...

Clearly, we want to continue to follow the news: certainly the global economic crisis, developments in the Mumbai investigation and the Obama administration taking shape.

But we also want to recognize the season. The holidays are coming and people deserve to celebrate...we're thinking about how we can be fun and festive and still recognize that many people are hurting.

We'll try to get it right.

Have a good weekend!