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How About Those Gift Certificates?

We're trying something here and we'd be interested in your response.

Not that we're asking you to program the show for us because that would be wrong. We know that's our job, but remember. We started this program essentially as an "open source" project. We always invited listeners to comment on specific aspects of the show.

Anyway, we're trying something:

One of the executives here stopped by recently and said something like, "I have a friend that I like a lot, but if his number comes up, sometimes I don't take the call, because I know it's going to be intense and sometimes I'm just not up for it."

(Hmmm, you wouldn't be talking about anybody over here would you?)

Point taken.

We don't want to be that phone call. Sometimes it's just necessary to but sometimes it's not, so we are making a concerted effort to be a bit more varied over the course of a program. That might feel a big like a crazy salad to some people, where the ingredients don't always go together, or are not satisfying, we're not quite sure but that's why we're going to try it and see how it works.

Finally, some of you may be wondering why, on such a controversial issue as abortion, we had only one guest — Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America — to talk about how one chapter of organization is offering gift certificates for health services at their clinics, services which may include abortion. We decided that the issue of the gift certificates itself was really a proxy fight for abortion over all (which was not going to be settled in a conversation, no matter how long it took) and that I could just as easily raise the tough questions, likely to be posed by someone with different values. Also, Cecile Richards was on the program previously upon her appointment as President of Planned Parenthood and we thought today's conversation could be a continuation of that newsmaker conversation.

As always, we're interested in your reaction — both to the underlying issue and to the coverage.

On we go.