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Trouble in Nigeria

400 people dead, in just over the course of a few days? The violence between Muslims and Christians in the Nigerian city of Jos had us all wondering what our approach should be. Do we talk to someone on the ground, who was there during the fighting? Or do we go for the bigger view, asking WHY and WHAT next? Since a relative calm had settled in the Nigerian city, we thought it best to unpack just what had led to the eruption of violence. We invited two people who are knowledgeable about the roots of religious strife in Nigeria. Constance Okokwu is the Washington bureau chief for the Nigerian newspaper This Day. And Roxanne Lawson is the Director of Africa Policy for the Washington based group TransAfrica. They offer some useful - and revealing - insights.

Then, in our weekly parenting segment, the moms talk about President-elect Obama's cool-factor. Will the president-elect offer a new aspiration for young black men to aspire to? Will his cool and sharp style redefine what it means to be hip?

And ... have you heard? The country is officially in a recession. The reality most of us have known for months has finally been accepted into 'officialdom.' Our beloved Money Coach Alvin Hall weighs in on the issue ... and the surprising news that despite the economic slowdown, retail sales were higher than expected on 'Black Friday'. Alvin and John Simons, Senior Personal Finance Editor at Black Enterprise, talk about what could be motivating people to open their pocketbooks. Are the bargains that good?

Finally, Michel shares her thoughts about the violence over the weekend. Not just in Mumbai, India and Nigeria. But right here in the US, where a Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death during last weekend's spending frenzy. Tragic story. Michel brings it home in a powerful commentary.

And share your thoughts. How tight are you gripping your wallet this holiday season? Are you feeling pressured to spend more than you have? How are you coping?