NPR logo Alberto Gonzales Defends His Tenure

Alberto Gonzales Defends His Tenure

Mornings here can be a little hectic. Sometimes — especially when a guest is stuck in traffic or worse out of pocket - we even teeter on the edge of panic. As you can imagine, we were all a little anxious knowing that former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was coming in house for a LIVE interview.

But he was EARLY! And on top of that, cordial to everyone on staff. Kudos to you, Mr. Gonzales. You saved us a few heartbeats this morning.

Gonzales hasn't given many interviews since he resigned in September 07. It was a rare opportunity, with no shortage questions about his controversial tenure — and his role as the first Hispanic Attorney General. The right time - we thought - to break format and dedicate most of the show to one guest.

Take a listen ... and have your say. The conversation is just getting started.