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Caution: Moving Full Speed Ahead

I'm looking out the window as I jot down this post. It's hard to believe that just a week ago the parameters of our Washington, D.C.-based studios were flooded with epic crowds. Folks were hustling about town taking in the festivities pegged to President Barack Obama's inauguration.

Today, there's snow on the ground. It's still cold out, but traffic has since returned to normal (although still painful to sit through). Washington is just as it was a little more than a week ago.

Then, of course, there's a new President. He just moved in, down the street.

Tomorrow, we'll take a closer look at President Obama's first full week in office and his express executive orders. We'll also discuss some of the Oval Office moves the president is expected to make next, many of which are already fueling some his most vocal critics. ... And in the case of tomorrow's discussion, a panel of liberal critics will explain why they strongly oppose the president's stance on several key issues.

It's a conversation you definitely won't want to miss.

Also, the latest on Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Yes, we're going there.

Meet you back here tomorrow.