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Inaugural Mania: A Delicate Balancing Act

Here's what we're balancing this week:

There's a euphoria in the air. You can feel it. People I have not heard from in years are writing to tell me they are headed this way for the inauguration and ask do I have time for coffee, brunch, lunch, tea (um, sorry, no I don't!) and if can they see the kids. (Sure, if they'll babysit them ... kidding, just kidding.)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a story.

It would be wrong to ignore it, in my view. Some media writers are on the watch for excessive Obama exuberance. Well, they can be snarks if they want but you have to cover what is, and if what is is that there is this feeling in the air, then you have to cover it. Just like you would cover a forest fire.

On the other hand, not everyone is feeling that love. And why should they be? This was a hard fought election and, yes, Obama won in an electoral college landslide, but it was not by acclamation (and we are glad it was not because the only countries where one candidate gets 100 percent of the vote, are ones where they'll kill you if you vote wrong). So those voices deserve attention, too, as well as those who feel the whole thing has nothing to do with them and wake them when it's over.

Plus, people are still dying — in Gaza, in Zimbabwe.

Attention must be paid, but how much and when?

We're working on it.