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It's All Too Much

Rescue crews secure US Airways flight 1549, pictured floating in the water after it crashed into the Hudson River yesterday in New York City. Chris McGrath/Getty Images hide caption

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Chris McGrath/Getty Images

So we're pulling our hair out trying to figure out how to make sure all of our guests get through the security screening and settled where we need them for our inauguration day program.

Actually, let me put it this way: I'm watching my staff pull their hair out trying to figure out how to get our guests to our inauguration location (team, I love you guys!). And I will not lie, we're feeling a little bit frazzled and maybe a teeny tiny bit sorry for ourselves because it is so much work.

... And then in the middle of all that, a US Airways Airbus A320 plane lands into the Hudson River.

Everything stops.

Word is everyone is off the plane and, more or less, without injury. Amazing.

I can't stop watching the news coverage because it is pushing all my mommy buttons. I have flown with my children at least a couple of times a year since they were born, and the thought of having to figure out how to keep them safe through something like that is more than I can take at the moment, especially having spent a part of yesterday combing through competing pictures of what we are told are mutilated Palestinian children and Israeli children cowering from rocket attacks. (There are also pictures of what we are told are Palestinian kids being indoctrinated as suicide bombers. I interviewed a woman who happened to be in town, who was one of the key activists who helped bring about peace in Liberia. Her stories of watching children swept off the street to be used as child soldiers and sex slaves come to mind.)

It's all too much.

When will it stop? When can mothers get up in the morning and their biggest problem be getting their kids to school wearing matching socks?

I am thankful that my biggest problem today is getting our fabulous guests to sit on our chair.