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Post-Inauguration Roundup: More From HU

Needless to say, it's been a long week. "TGIF" is an understatement.

If you were with us on Inauguration Day, hopefully you followed our live blogging event from the campus of Howard University. I was stationed there during the swearing-in ceremony at a campus brunch, where the Inauguration was viewed on a jumbo screen.

As a final installment of TMM's "Post-Inauguration Roundup," below are more elements from Inauguration Day at Howard University. Also, don't forget to check out the audio slideshow by TMM producers Arwa Gunja and Douglas Hopper, featuring stories from attendees on the National Mall.

Corey Briscoe Lee Hill/NPR hide caption

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"I'm reminded of the great people who paved the way for Obama. ... It tells me that our nation is not done growing, [that we are] literally capable of anything."

Corey Briscoe, 19, student
Major: Political Science/English
Hometown: Charleston, SC

Roberta McCloud Lee Hill/NPR hide caption

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"Barack is not just our president. It would be unfair to demand that all he does has to be for us."

Roberta McCloud, 64
Director, Armour J. Blackburn University Center, Howard University

Ashawntee Dingle Lee Hill/NPR hide caption

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"I worry about him. The expectations are great. But I'm confident that he will right a lot of wrongs. [I feel] a renewed sense of patriotism."

Ashawntee Dingle, 28, alumna
(Mortgage) Deal Structuring Manager

Ernest Cowan Lee Hill/NPR hide caption

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"I knew this would happen, but thought maybe [it would happen] when I'm 30. Race is still an issue, but [an Obama presidency] just shows that any race can do anything."

Ernest Cowan, 20, student
Howard University
Major: Applied Speech
Hometown: Largo, MD

Special thanks to Kerry-Ann Hamilton for her help in coordinating logistics for TMM's visit.

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