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The Shakers And The Shaken

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We've been thinking a lot about how to stay on top of the stories related to the economic downturn. This is not an abstraction for us. As you may remember, NPR itself has downsized; we are losing 64 of our colleagues, many of whom are starting to leave us this week. It has not been a pleasant experience watching these trusted and, in many cases, loved colleagues walk out the door.

But it's not about us, or not just about us.

We're not alone in this. So we decided to spend most of the day talking about what's going on in the business world. We spent some time with outgoing Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, got an update on the Univision trial and then "had a good visit" as our soon-to-be former President liked to say, with three young women — all college graduates — who are all having trouble finding jobs, or have lost jobs in this tough economy.

And, yes, we know that college grads aren't the only ones hurting! More stories as we go. ...