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TMM Covers The Inauguration

Throngs flock to the National Mall for a glimpse of the historic presidential inauguration of Barack Obama. Monika Evstatieva/NPR hide caption

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Monika Evstatieva/NPR

Greetings from the Canadian Embassy, which sits on Pennsylvania Avenue here in D.C., and along the inaugural parade route. We are also fortunate to have great view of the Capitol from here.

I am trying to appreciate the splendor of the moment, but I must admit it's still tough to type in 30 degree weather. We got these nifty hand warmers in our survival pack, but gloves and typing don't mix. So, for the love of you, our blog family, I am trying to "blog it out."

This morning was quite a journey. I took the train into the city around 4 o'clock this morning — the moon was still out — and it was filled with early birds. People were delighted to get their commemorative METRO cards which bear a picture of the 44th President.

Security is tight around the National Mall, which everyone expected. The crowds are filing in patiently. You can hear helicopters hovering overhead. Right now, we are set up in a rotunda, facing the parade route and, mercifully, we are far enough away from a virtual village of port-a-potties.

Michel and company (including Kim, our engineer, and producer, Monika) are all set and ready to start the program in a few minutes. We have an exciting line up of guests, including South Africa's Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Wish us luck and warmth as we continue our journey to tell you more. Fingers too numb to keep going ... more later.

— Marie (Executive Producer, TMM)