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Trying To Keep It Short, But ...

In our discussion about Mommy bloggers today, I asked one of the bloggers to offer any advice for people who might want to get started in regularly posting online. She said, "Keep it short."

Oh, great, now they tell me.

OK, here. So today:

Illinois Senate appointee Roland Burris is rejected today on Capitol Hill. What now? And ... Franken? Senator Al Franken? He says yes, GOP says no.

Bailout, what happened?

A new Frontline documentary, about Katrina. Check out The Old Man And the Storm:

And, mommies who blog ... how fun is that?

Tomorrow we are working on: more about Congress...a story about gay Gay Marriage the right fight for right now?

We got started on this idea by some opinion writers who were critical of the gay political leadership for putting so much emphasis on gay marriage to the exclusion of other issues. The columns questioned whether the gay marriage fight is helping or hurting the efforts to achieve full civil rights and social acceptance for same sex-loving men and women. So we invited a roundtable of folks who've been having this discussion/debate to have it with us.

Too long already? Sorry.