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I'm Off To Clear My Head ... Literally


If you've listened to the show the last couple of days, you might have detected the increasing raspiness in my voice. No, I am not trying extra hard to be sexy.

It seems I have a sinus infection that I haven't been able to shake, so I am finally going to act like I have the sense I was born with and take a few days off to see if I can get over it. Sometimes being macho is not the best course of action. As much as I pride myself on my work ethic, sometimes the better part of valor is to step aside and let the body heal.

NPR's Korva Coleman is going to be with us for the next few days, and then Cheryl Corley will step in. So, thanks for your patience.

Sorry if I offended your ears these last couple of days.

Before I go, I hope you will, if you have not already, read Lee Hill's moving blog post about the Chris Brown-Rihanna story. I think we need to talk more about this, and not in a cheesy tabloid look at what those celebrities are doing-type of way. But there is more to say about the reality that too many young folk are living in abusive relationships.

More on that when I come back. ...