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It's Interesting How Things Come Together

It was planned, but still a coincidence. We did not expect when we were thinking about this week that the issue of reproductive rights would be so much in the news.

Last week we spoke to the Rev. Jim Wallis for a conversation about whether it's really possible to reach some middle ground on socially divisive issues, most especially abortion. Wallis considers himself a progressive evangelical and is a prominent name in the faith community, but he is also close to President Barack Obama. ... So we decided to we needed to hear from other voices.

Today, Richard Doerflinger, of the U.S. Conference of Catholic bishops. When you hear the bishops speak on these matters, most often the voice you hear is his. Interestingly there was a piece in The Washington Post about this today.

And there was another piece today that says that new White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships will also set at its goal finding a center, and reducing the numbers of abortions.

This also happened to be the day that the woman who gave birth to octuplets, a single mom who already had six kids, decided to speak publicly for the first time. She appeared on NBC's "Today" show and will have more to say as the interview spreads through the week:

I know we — and you — are going to want to talk more about this. So let us find some folk to talk to about it ...

Have a great weekend.