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President Obama Heads To Prime Time

We're all gearing up to watch President Barack Obama pitch his $838 billion economic stimulus package to Congress via a national audience tonight. It will be the first prime-time news conference of his presidency. Obama hopes to increase pressure on detractors of his bill in the U.S. Senate.

Just moments ago, the package made a promising stride. It passed a crucial test vote, 61-36, boosting it with the steam needed to move ahead to a full Senate vote tomorrow (at least 60 votes were needed).

We'll have reaction to the President's words tomorrow — both from ordinary, working class Americans spread throughout the country, and from a money expert to answer personal finance questions, such as ... now what?

And, of course, we'll also see if the grand pitch worked tomorrow, when Capitol Hill will have its final say.

Also, feel free to meet us back here later with your immediate reaction to tonight's broadcast. You can post away in the space below...