NPR logo Back On The Block, With 'My Two Cents'


Back On The Block, With 'My Two Cents'

Well, I am back. Thanks to NPR's Cheryl Corley and Korva Coleman for holding down the fort.

I'm not going to lie to you, I still feel kind of sick-ish (and I know that's not a word). But after a certain point, when you've swallowed all the pills they've given you, and after the cough syrup starts to make you feel worse than coughing, it's time to head back in. Whatever.

I was excited about today's program, in part because, to be honest, it addressed questions I have been thinking about. (That's not why we did the show. I was out last week, so the staff carried the bookings without me.)

I have often wondered, why do so many research studies go forward without ethnically diverse subjects? Is it because ethnic variations are not deemed relevant, or that different groups are less likely to volunteer? Is it that they are unconnected to research outreach?

We tell you about a pioneering breast cancer study that aims to answer important questions for the whole population, and about how they went about finding diverse subjects.

And we talk about the challenge of taking care of your senior-aged loved ones when the economy is in turmoil. It's something my siblings and I have also been worrying about, to tell you the truth.

And, yes, I had to throw in my two cents on the Michael Steele-Rush Limbaugh dust up. Let me know if you think I am on to something.

Now, I think I'll go find some more chicken soup. Oh, and I tried that home remedy somebody sent me for my cough — lemon juice, honey and a dash of cayenne pepper. That was too hardcore for me, so I had to throw in some hot water ... but, it was awesome.

I don't know if it helped, but it sure felt good going down. Thanks!