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Welcome Back, Cheryl

Hi. Cheryl Corley, here ... sitting in for Michel.

Ever think about what your childhood would have been like if you had to spend a good deal of it as a caregiver? That's what about 5 million children in this country must do each day although its not something we talk about much. That was the discussion on our Behind Closed Doors segment. We spoke with Patricia Lawson, a mother who suffers from multiple sclerosis, her 12 year old son Davon and Connie Siskowski, who runs a Florida based support organization for family caregivers.

It's snowy in Washington, D.C., today. And at this time of year, you'd think the talk about Mexico would be all about vacations and warm sun. But instead its much more grim news dominated by the violence of the country's ongoing drug wars between the government and drug cartels. It has plenty of people living in the border states worried and Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard joined us to talk about the steps he's taken - some of them controversial - to deal with the spillover from the drug war and about the state's efforts to curtail human smuggling.

Also on the show today ... An audio post card from Haiti. A discussion about the life of a foreclosure prevention counselor. And a Top Chef fan favorite. Carla Hall Lyons, runs a catering business in the Washington, D.C., suburbs. What's her favorite food? Peas. Check out one of her recipes.

Talk to you tomorrow.

- Cheryl