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Behind the Curtain at TMM

Cooking With Soul

I guess you can say we're exploring our music sensibilities.

Today, our interview with the "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin brought music and fun to our ears. If you haven't already had a listen to her interview with Michel, check it out here.

I have to say, I was left scratching my head a bit about this notion that Franklin's performance on Inauguration Day was so bad that it required a retake.


It makes me think of a wordsmith being accused of "making up" a word. I've always wondered, is that possible? One might argue that, for a true master wordsmith (which I so am not), a word spoken from his or her lips legitimized by default.

Could the late Liberace really hit a "bad note" on the piano? ... Can Vera Wang design a "bad dress"? Or, can Michael Jackson dance a "bad move" (okay, well, he may be a little rusty now and in need of some oil ... but I seriously the "King of Pop" could ever really 'lose it' — rhythmically speaking, that is).

Anyway, you get my point. But I guess the larger point really is, what the queen wants, the queen gets. Perfection is in the eye, or ear, of ... the artist.

And more soul for your musical pallet, up and coming R&B crooner Corneille is in the house tomorrow. And this one, you definitely won't want to miss. He belts out songs from the heart, marked with a texture of soul no amount of money or professional training can buy — more like organic vs. "produced." I can tell you his lyrical expression is anchored by extraordinary circumstances.

Sounds deep? Wait until you hear this guy ... and watch the TMM exclusive video.

Meet you back here tomorrow ...