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Monday: Teens Tell Of Domestic Abuse, Liberal Opposition ...

We're wrapping things up on this end. Here's a look ahead to Monday. As always, you can expect to hear more on ...

The loyal opposition - We'll revisit our ongoing conversation with thinkers who are pretty strong critics of their own political party. On Monday, our plan is to check in once again with liberals who take issue with President Obama's agenda on issues such as education, healthcare and the economy.

Women in leadership - Hear about a group that embraces as its mission an aggressive game plan to get more women seated in key positions of political power.

Teens and domestic abuse - R&B icon Chris Brown, 19, is charged with two felonies after he allegedly battered his girlfriend, popular songstress Rihanna, 21. We'll talk to a group of young people who say they've been in similar situations. You'll also hear from a dad who lost his daughter to domestic violence.

Meet us back here on Monday.

Enjoy the weekend!