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More on the 'Opposition,' Teen Dating Violence

Our Planning Editor Luis Clemens has some news about elections in Antigua and El Salvador that we reported on last week, so I'm going to step off and let him take over in a moment.

I want to point out that the loyal opposition conversations we had today — focusing on both liberal and conservative perspectives — were very interesting for us, in and of themselves. But, we wanted to recommend that, if you have time, you consider listening to them back-to-back, as we did. We think you'll find them both more interesting that way. And the contrast makes it even more crunchy.

Also, I want to share more information about teen dating violence as a follow-up to the personal stories heard on today's program. We're not making it up. Check out the stats by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which tracks epidemics.

Luis, tell the people what you know ...