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A Day of Heavy Hitters

We brought you two heavy hitting studies on today's program.

First we told you how a new report commissioned by The Sentencing Project shows how there's been a ethnic change in trend among those being arrested and sentenced to prison, as part of the nation's "War on Drugs." You can learn more about the shift, and what researchers say is behind it, by clicking here.

Also, do you find it interesting to know that undocumented immigrants are more likely than U.S.-born residents of legal immigrants to live in a household with a spouse or children? We talked about this today with a man behind the study, Jeffrey Passel.

Read the findings for yourself, and tell us what your thoughts are, based on your observations where you live?

Surprised? ... Not so much?

Or, might you be curious to know more about the stories behind these statistics (both the sentencing disparities and the lifestyles of immigrants in the U.S.)?

Also, remembering David "Pop" Winans. Even after speaking today with his son, the Rev. Marvin Winans, it's still difficult to put Pop Winans' life into words. Check out today's remembrance.