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The "Torture Memos" - What's Your Take? And The Green Experiment!


This has been one long week full of news that made us think about our own fundamental values and beliefs. But it is good sometimes to reflect on how news affect us on an individual basis.

Here is Senior Producer Teshima Walker:

Happy Friday - what are you doing this weekend? I'm sure you're debating with your family, friends and co-workers about President Obama's decision to publicly release what has come to be know as the "torture memos". The discussion is on-going and of course we're curious, we want to know where do you line up in the debate - Should Obama have released interrogation details in four top secret memos in which Bush administration lawyers sanctioned harsh tactics? Should people be prosecuted? Who should be prosecuted? Should the memos be released at a "truth commission" before they are released to the public? Or, if it could be proven that the CIA officers "tactics" helped to keep the country safe from possible terrorist threats would you be willing to forgive the use of extreme interrogation long as it never happened again? Let us know what you're thinking.

And, to steal a line from Michel...Can I Just Tell You - I tried an experiment on Earth Day. I turned off all the lights in my apartment. I have never done that. The neighborhood I live in is pretty decent but someone did break the glass on my little Honda Civic to take my navigational system...but I've digressed. It's a nice neighborhood but as a single woman, you've got to be alert. So, I walk into my apartment - it's dark inside, I'm nervous. I walk into my bedroom and I catch my breath - I think someone is in my bed...I'm going to scream but I turn the light on to discover that the sheets, pillow and comforter are piled up because I didn't make up my bed! Tell Me More Blog Brothers and Sisters - I will need your encouragement on my journey to help save the planet. I didn't grow up in a household where people separated their paper from their plastics. And, if I call my Daddy right now while he's washing dishes (always by hand, he doesn't believe in a dishwasher), he'll let the water run and run and run. It doesn't occur to him that the planet is running short of water or there are folks in the world that don't have the access to water that we have in the U.S. but... I'm doing the best I can to educate myself and my parents as I go. And, if you're wondering, I debated with myself for five extra minutes before I left for work this morning but, I did cut off all the lights in my apartment but I made up my bed this time.

Have a good weekend. Two more weeks and Marie Nelson - this show's fearless leader will be back in the office! Amen.