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A rainy Friday here in our neck of the woods, but nonetheless we press on ...

In our weekly political chat, we took note of how — while much of the attention is being focused on President Obama's trip to Europe — a lot of attention is also being focused on this week's White House shakeup of General Motors (as we reported on Tues — I'll add the link).

We spoke with NPR's Frank Langfitt, who breaks down the GM story and talks us through the new unemployment numbers released today, which signal the nation's highest unemployment rate since 1983.

And, what's with all the Michelle Obama frenzy across the pond? Europe is going nuts over the new first lady. We turn to Washington Post style maven Robin Givhan for the scoop.

Other "must-hears" from today's program: why some groups are upset about superstar former NFL coach Tony Dungy being asked to join the White House council on that focuses on faith initiatives; a new look inside the Black Power movement; and the Barbershop guys are back (well, most of them). What's on their minds this week? With the recent GM shakeup, they want to know if the White House is going to fix our cars? And of course they give us their picks for the NCAA Finals. Shop regular Arsalan Iftikhar is going for the University of Connecticut women's basketball team.

Arsalan says, "Empricially, they are the team to beat."

And before I go, I have a bit of sad news (for me anyway). Just as I've come to enjoy my Friday postings with you, I have to step away for a few weeks of medical leave. But never fear — I am leaving you in great hands. Teshima Walker, TMM's Supervising Senior Producer, will be filling in for me and will continue to post the Friday show blog. Believe me, you are in for a treat!

Until we meet again, be well.