NPR logo TMM Memorable Moment: A Former KKK Member?

TMM Memorable Moment: A Former KKK Member?

For our final reflection, we turn to Brakkton Booker. Although he's been working with us for some time now, Brakkton only recently signed on to become Assistant Editor for the Tell Me More. In his new role, he works with a small team of others to help guide the editorial mission of the program — to bring sharp, fresh new voices to you, the listener.

As I mentioned, Brakkton is no stranger to the program. So B, tell us about your most memorable Tell Me More segment:

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Lee, with so many wide-ranging conversations during the past two years, I must admit I keep fixating on one interview, in particular. And that is none other than David Duke.

Hear me out.

We received a ton of responses from listeners asking why we would give air time to the former Grand Wizard of the KKK. But given the context and the timing of the interview I thought it demonstrated how committed Tell Me More really is to showcasing all manner of voices.

The interview aired on October 31st — a mere four days before the historic 2008 election. And the conversation aired the same week an assassination plot by two neo-Nazi skinheads targeting then-candidate Barack Obama was foiled by federal law enforcement.

The fact that many, if not all, of our audience doesn't agree with David Duke's worldview does not mean we should exclude his opinion from our program. After all, his views are shared by some number of Americans.

I'm proud we didn't shy away from asking Duke tough questions and I hope we continue to surprise listeners and ourselves with guests that are, as our illustrious host Michel Martin likes to say, "spicy."

Happy B-day TMM.

Thanks Brakkton, and welcome to the team.

And thanks to you, out there in the blogosphere. We hope these reflections have added a something to your understanding — and appreciation — for Tell Me More. It's been great to serve you, and we look forward to you telling us more in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

So, cheers! We couldn't have made it this far without you.

Enjoy your weekend.

Signing off ...