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I'm Back From My 'Other Job'

My thanks to NPR's Lynn Neary and Jennifer Ludden for sitting-in last week while I was focusing on my other job (moms, you know what I'm talking about).

Can you believe it's June? The year is half over? And even more terrifying for us parents, school is almost over for the year.

Which is one reason we are going to dig into education issues as much as we can this month, starting with a moms conversation tomorrow about that pay-for-grades idea being advanced in various school districts around the country. The idea is to pay kids for attendance and achievement. It targets, as you might guess, kids from low-income backgrounds and middle schoolers, and those who are having trouble staying motivated. We talked with the moms in our weekly parenting segment about this earlier in the school year, but tomorrow we hear from two students who recently debated this among themselves, so we were excited to hear from them.

We also plan to dig into stories about charter schools, single-sex education and all the issues you (and we) have been hearing about.

Let us know if there's something you really want us to dig into.

And, now, let me find something for the kids to do in August.

Sigh ...