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Are Americans going hungry?

Today, we looked at several facets of the economic recession. We started with a conversation about food stamps. According to the U.S. government, an amazing 34 million Americans use food stamps today. That's one in every nine people. But we wanted to find out what exactly that is like. We caught up with Damond Smart from Elkhart, Indiana. We've been checking in on Mr. Smart occasionally to see how things are going for him throughout the recession. Smart, who works in a beauty salon and also designs T-shirts, enrolled in the food stamp program last month. Unemployment in his hometown reached 16.8% in June.

We also invited Democratic Congressman James McGovern of Massachusetts. Back in 2007, he and his wife participated in the Food Stamp challenge, for a week, eating only what they would have been able to afford with food stamps.

Mr. Smart told us, you need to ask for help and enroll in the program, because although it is not a huge benefit, it helps him feed his family.

And Congressman McGovern addressed some of the problems that might arise from the long waiting process, as more and more people sign up for the program. Check out the conversation.

And finally we want to hear more from you — Are you facing some of the same challenges as Mr. Smart? Or do you have relatives, who you are helping out while they struggle to feed their families? If you are part of the Food Stamp program, what has your experience been? We would love to hear from you...

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