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Where Is The Love?


The skies have been gray for much of the day here in Washington, D.C., but I don't care — it's Friday. I'm going to have an early dinner with a former Tell Me More intern. I hope she's doing well with her job on Capitol Hill - last time I spoke with her she said she loved her work as much as I love mine.


Tonight, however, I'm going to ask if she's balancing her work and personal life. I haven't done a great job on that front and I want her to think about love, marriage, children (yes, in that order) more seriously than I did.

Recently, Jennifer Longmire, the program's assistant editor, handed me an article about a research study that found "marriage chances for highly educated black women have declined over time relative to white women."

Oh no!

You know I have one pedicured foot in this group, right?

I have a graduate degree and no one is meeting me soon at City Hall to say "I Do." But, babies, don't cry for me, yet. Someone is going to sweep this "fine, educated, brown frame" off her feet, and when they do — I'll invite you all to the wedding. But, until then...

Next week, Michel will have a conversation about this study with one of the authors and one other guest. That could be YOU. I'm looking for a black woman, over 35, childless, who is actually out there trying to get married — active, not passive.

You've asked your friends and family to get involved. You've asked a priest, pastor, rabbi, imam to pray about it.

C'mon now, send me a note and tell me your story.

I hope you've enjoyed the show this week. Michel Martin is back in the big chair on Monday.

Thanks for listening.