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Behind the Curtain at TMM

A Bit Of A Potpourri Today

Afghanistan to Los Angeles to life sentences for teens, to the Michael Jackson documentary.

Something for just about everyone ... we hope.

Tomorrow, we want to talk about how race is playing out in two interesting mayoral races. It's all part of the way we live now.

And thanks for the good wishes many of you sent me to get over that laryngitis and whatever else was junking up my throat. That was not pretty, was it?

It makes me have a new respect for opera singers. They are scheduled, what, years in advance? And what a bummer it must be to cancel, thinking about all the people who have bought tickets to hear you. NOT that I am comparing myself to an opera singer (trust me on this one — I can't sing a lick! And I don't know that you're sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for me to show up).

BUT having said that, it's hard to disappoint people and it's annoying! You feel bad for having to disrupt other people's schedules. Thanks to Jennifer Ludden for stepping in on SHORT notice and to Linda Wertheimer for being on standby for today in case the OTC stuff didn't do its job.